Game Update – News & Updates – 11/08/2016

We all headed down to dare this weekend to support some of our friends games who were entered. It was amazing to see the insanely high quality of all the games there and we were super proud of the three Abertay teams for picking up multiple awards. It’s really motivated us to push for the next few weeks to make sure our game is the best it can be.

Just past the half way mark as this is week four of six, and with that in mind we’ve been putting in a lot of extra time to get everything together in order to stick to our tight schedule as much as possible. The aim for this week is to finish all of the mechanics and expand upon the rudimentary game modifiers, we can then spend all of next week working on the boss battle and polish the game for release. This extra work has paid off as it’s unbelievably satisfying seeing everything come together; we’re extremely excited about where the games going and we can’t wait to show it off once it’s finished.

Douglas has been working on finishing up some of the base animations, making some assets for one of our hazards and starting on more of the planet environment work. Abbie has continued to work on the UI and Iconography for the game, making sure the player can understand what’s happening regardless of their comprehension of English. The games looking really fleshed out and polished now with the power ups and hazards now in the game. The bulk of the main game play for release is now in and working and it’s really motivating to see.

Everyone at Hunted Cow has been friendly and welcoming so far, it’s a really nice environment to work in. With the offices being right in the heart of the town it’s really easy to go on small adventures during lunch to explore some of Elgin as well as pick up lunch from a local cafe.


Sand Wurm.jpg


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