Announcement & Update – 22/08/2016


We’re really happy to announce that our game is on steam and is available for purchase this Thursday (25/08)! It seems unbelievably surreal that we’re in this position and it’s definitely motivated us to give it 150% to do as much as we can.
Steam Page

Everything is Peachy Website


For our 5th and final weekend of the placement we were fortunate enough to have enough left in the budget to rent a cottage for the weekend! We drove down to Johnshaven with a mountain of luggage and an even bigger mountain of things to do after finding out we’re going to be on steam! We’re thankful to Creative Scotland and Business Gateway for giving us the opportunity to go out and explore Scotland and stay in Elgin for the 6 weeks to develop the game and travel about during the weekends. Hunted Cow has been really helpful in answering all the questions we had about development and making games in general. It’s been a really nice experience over all.

It was a fantastic opportunity to relax, or well at least get a beautiful change of scenery while working. We stayed at a fantastic cottage and enjoyed going for walks along the coast and playing board games in the evening as a much needed break from all the stress and unexpected twists and turns the come with creating a game. Even though we were in a lovely location with no signal and barely there internet we couldn’t fully tare ourselves away from working on Everything is Peachy but working on the game in front of an open fire on the coast hardly even felt like work! Lots to do next week to get the game ready for release but I’m recharged and ready to give it 110%. I’m really glad to say that we’ve made enormous progress and we’re ready to power through the final week for release!


Copy of IMG_20160821_114339DSC_0504IMG_20160821_115644


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