Announcement Trailer

Here it is! The long awaited trailer for our game! We release on Thursday the 25th at 4pm and we would be lying if we weren’t a strange mix of nervous and excited to show it off to the world. Hunted cow have been helping us a lot with the little fiddly bits for releasing on steam, thank you so much to Retro for sorting out our trailer and working with us to make it perfect. We’ve still got some polish to do to make the game perfect but we’re on track to release and we’re incredibly happy with this whole experience.


First Weekend in Elgin – Bowling! – 23/07/2016

We all managed to de-stress, relax and not think about the game for at least a day. It was great since we’ve been running at 110% since we arrived as we’re all extremely passionate about the game. Being game developers physical sports aren’t really our speciality, surprisingly we didn’t do all that badly! We had a really fun night out in the end, even though none of us are really sporty people, preferring to stay inside and play games. We especially enjoyed the copies amount of curly fries the lady behind the bar was all too happy to supply us with. We all really enjoyed our first evening out in Elgin, hopefully we get another chance to get out and bowl before game development gets too intense! 


Day 1 – Arrival and Planning – 18/07/2016

What Were Doing (1)What Were Doing (2)What Were Doing (3)


We arrived at the Hunted Cow offices at 10:30am. We were shown around the building and to the space where we’re going to be working for the next 6 weeks. We were all amazed at the facilities in the office and everyone we met was really friendly. For all of us it was our first time being inside a professional games studio so it was really exciting seeing what could, fingers crossed, one day be our futures.

We were told that Andrew the head of Hunted Cow was away until Wednesday but was very eager to meet us and hear our plans for the game. We spent the rest of the day smashing together the different ideas we’d had over the summer and brainstorming what mechanics we wanted to add in. By the end of the day we had a fairly ambitious list of ideas and possible directions to take the game. We spent the next few days trying to pick and chose our favorites and consolidating everything into a document to get feedback. We’ve never experienced anything like this before and it’s great for getting some industry experience before we all have to go into the real world next year. We’re all ready to go and excited to learn everything we can during the time were here!